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Welcome to my Photo Gallery.

I’m an amateur photographer and I enjoy photographing wildlife -- especially birds. Birds are challenging but fun to shoot (with my camera of course!). But more than just shooting pictures of them, I like to learn about birds: what they’re called, what their traits are, to where they migrate, etc. It’s a very interesting hobby and I’m always learning new things. It also makes me feel a little more connected to nature.

As you may have guessed by the photo of me above, I also enjoy riding motorcycles and it’s not uncommon for me to enjoy both at the same time. Not literally, of course, but I do like to ride to the destinations where I will look for subjects to shoot.

I live in West Central Florida, in an area also known as the Nature Coast, in many parts of which we find wildlife.

Currently, I use a Nikon D5100 with a couple of different lenses. For most of my bird shots, I use either a 70-300mm Nikon VR or a Sigma 150-500mm OS. I also hand hold most of my shots as It is hard to carry a tripod on the motorcycle.

Please enjoy my pictures as I enjoy sharing them. Feel free to leave comments on my pictures and sign my guestbook to let me know you visited. If you’re from this part of Florida and you know of some good birding spots, please share them with me.

God Bless,

Over them the birds of the air shall dwell: from the midst of the rocks they shall give forth their voices.
Psalm 103:12